Frequently Asked Questions

Does the class include a kit?

We provide all of the supplies you will need for approx 30-40 applications. Please see our course syllabus for kit description.

Do I have to bring a model?

You have the option to bring a model or partner up with another student for the hands on portion of the class. The model to bring a model will be confirmed a week prior to the class. During the course student will take turns working on each other. This will be 90% hands on it is not likely that a model will lay for 7 hours during the class.

Do I need a license?

You do not need a license to take our courses however a cosmetology or esthetics license is required for certification. Only those that have a cosmetologist or esthetics license will be able to take the exam for certification with. Envious Lashes.

How long is the class?

Our beginners course will consist two days eight hours each day. An hour lecture and 15 hours hand on. Our masters class will consist of 8 hours of hands on training.

Do I need to wear eyeglasses or contacts?

If you typically wear contacts or eyeglasses we recommend that you to wear them to the course. Failure to do so will result in extremely difficult to focus on tiny fibers and natural lashes.

Can I attend the class with my existing eyelash extensions?

We recommend that you attend the course eye makeup and eyelash extensions free as you will be practicing on one another. Please cleanse your eye area with and oil free remover or cleanser prior to attending.

Can I have caffeine before the class?

We do recommend that you do refrain from caffeine to prevent jittery hands or eyes.

Will I be able to record the class or take pictures?

Notes are acceptable, however, record or picture taking during the course is prohibited.

Will there be a written exam?

There will not be a written exam, however, in order to move on to the Master Class you will need to demonstrate the ability to apply eyelash extensions as demonstrated as outlined in the course syllabus.

Will I be able to work at envious lashes?

The opportunity to apply for a position at Envious Lashes will be available after certification and a minimum or two years experience.

Is there job placement?

The course will provide tips on how to gain experience in this industry.

How long will it take for me to get good at this?

It is case by case. The more time you dedicate to this craft the better you will become. The art of eyelash extensions requires deligence and patience. Our program does however offer a refresher option for those that are seeking additional guidance. The available dates will be made know at the end of the beginners course. No additional fee is required for this refresher session.

Will I need to take all of the classes to get certified?

As per the course syllabus, the prerequisite for certification is the Beginners & Master course. Practice makes perfect!

Will I be able to do lashes right away?

The goal of/ this course is to provide you with the knowledge to successfully complete a full set of eyelash extensions. Applying a full set for

Would I be able to purchase product?

Products will be available to purchase online. Envious Lashes has a full line of products that are Available for both retail and application purposes.
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